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Legal Research Page MGL Searchable Massachusetts Secretary of State CH. 11 & Corporate Restructuring - Court Documents
Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries Guide to tracing MA legislative history MA Securties Division Massachusetts Medical Law
Social Law Library MA historical codes (prior 1932) Licensing and Registration FOIA Basics (National Sercurity Archive)
LOC Law Library Randy's Attorney's Toolbox MA Board of Bar Overseers Registry of Deeds

Searches, Look-up, Filings

MA BBO Lawyer Lookup Martindale-Hubbell Lawyers.com PACER login
PACER login Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court - ECF SJC, Appeals Court Docket Search US First Circuit Docket Search
U.S. Supreme Court - Docket Search Attorney Search Federal Bar Bench MA Professional License Search Agency Decisions
MCAD Decisions Division of Banks Decisions Google Scholar
Secretary Of State
MA Sec of State - Corporation Division Search liens database Corporation, LLC filing
MA Sec of State Corporate Search UCC Search UCC Filing
MA Search corp. rejected filings MA TM Search
Registry of Deeds
Masslandrecords North Essex Registry Salemdeeds (Southern Essex new) North Middlesex
Classic Masslandrecords North Essex (Classic)
City/Town to Registry Index Suffolk Registry of Deeds Southern Essex Registry of Deeds South Middlesex

Courts & Court Rules

U.S. Supreme Court Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court SCOTUS - Case Handling Guides
Federal Courts Links to Federal Court Rules US Court of Appeals First Circuit First Circuit Rules & Procedure
Bankruptcy Appellate Panel First Circuit US District Court Massachusets USDC MA Rules USDC MA Attorney Handbook
US Bankruptcy Court MA Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure FRBP online US Bankruptcy Court MA-Local Rules
MA Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) SJC Rules Links to MA Court Rules Mass Guide to Evidence
SJC Oral Argument Docket information (appellate and SJC) MA Appeals Court MA Appeals Court Standing Orders
MA Courts MA Trial Courts MA Superior Court Department MA Superior Court Rules
MA Superior Court Standing Orders MA District Court Department Small Claims Standards Small Claims Rules


Findlaw Lawyersweekly SJC Decisions SJC Reporter Casemaker
Superior Court TCIC Access SJC Oral Arguments MA Appellate and SJC Opinions SJC Reports
First Circuit Opinions BK Appellate Opinions Search BK Appellate Opinions - List MA USDC Opinionsearch
Caselaw Retrieve law (login) (case research, CMR, CFR) Hein Online (login) Public Library of Law (Fastacse)

Laws Rules & Regulations

Bankruptcy Laws Links to MA Court Rules Links to Federal Court Rules
US Code ECFR CFR Federal Register
CMR MA Rules of Professional Conduct MGL MGL Search
MGL Session Laws MA Constitution MGL FAA Regulations
MGL (Browse chapters) MA Session Laws Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) Retrieve law (login) (case research, CMR, CFR)


My Shingle - Forms Official Federal Court Forms Blumberg National Law Forms All-State Legal Forms
Westlaw List of Legal Software Vendors Lectlaw Forms


Trading Glossary
FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) FINRA List of State Securities Regulators MA Securities Division SEC EDGAR Search
Secuities Lawyer's Deskbook Securities Law.com Cornell Securities Law Standards of Professional Conduct for Attorneys
Securities Act of 1933 Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Investment Company Act of 1940 Investment Advisor Act of 1940
Weltzeit Time Zones Dialing Prefixes
Law Dictionary Free Legal Dictionary Legal Dictionary

German References

Kreditgesetze Kreditgesetze 2 Kreditrechner Kreditgesetze
Grundbuchordung Deutsche Gesetze

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